That time of the year…

Hey for those who been checking this recently!

Sorry for the lack of updates but as you can imagine I’m too busy with Christmas and New Year for anything to really be happening.

I’ve got some cool tracks on the way so kick back for now and enjoy Christmas and New Year!


New Track Soon…

Well I’ve had positive feedback from friends and listeners of the E.P – and some constructive criticism too which is always handy!

Like I’ve said before I have a new track on it’s way with the title ‘Never Felt’. It’s a lot more garage sounding than the E.P but I’m thinking of reworking the vocals and getting someone to actually record them as opposed to use samples. 

Keep your eyes and ears open as usual.

New track in the mix and 2 days to go!….

Well I’ve been working on a new track that I’m making good progress with and now I’m wondering whether to release it with the E.P as an extra track – or wait and release it another time?

The style is much different to that of that material on the E.P so that’s my reasons for waiting until afterwards and release it as a standalone track. Two days until I put the other two tracks from the E.P up so keep an eye out!

Remixes and progress…

Well I’ve been busy this week working on a remix by the dubstep artist Fonik – he was cool enough to put up stems on his facebook as a sort of competition, with the winner getting featured on his upcoming E.P. Needless to say, I’ve slowed the track right down from the original brutal dubstep version and to be honest, it’s come out okay I think. It’ll no doubt be up on Soundcloud shortly for those that want to have a listen.

As for my own personal progress, I’ve finally got around to making a facebook page found here –
The E.P is still scheduled for release on the 1st of December; just gotta tie off a few loose ends and it should be ready enough.

‘Nobody Else’ remix stems are up…

Well a little later than I had hoped but finally here they are for anybody who fancies remixing the first track off of the upcoming E.P. They’re all dry .wav files except the two drum clips which still have effects on them. Enjoy!